How to fix dry and damaged hair

We are all happy spring is finally here, but the reality is that winter still haunts us. Cold and the lack of moisture in the air brought us all kinds of hair problems like hair static and dry hair. If dry and damaged hair, split ends, or hair breakage are now part of your everyday problems, you’ve come to the right place. Your hair is crying for help, and that’s why we’ve prepared tips to prevent further damage and to get your hair healthy and smooth. Read on for a hair care routine to switch from dry and damaged to healthy and shiny hair.

Switch to all natural shampoo

Natural shampoos can be gentle on your hair and scalp. Phillip Adam’s natural-based shampoos maintain a perfect pH balance for a healthy, nourished head of hair by blending some of the finest natural ingredients such as pea protein and apple cider vinegar. Since they are natural-based, they will also have fewer drying detergents. Bonus tip: Try to avoid washing your hair every day, that way you can also reduce the usage of hair stylers.

Use a natural conditioner for hair hydration

Never skip hair conditioner. Formulated with all natural based ingredients, a natural conditioner will keep your hair well nourished without any harm. If your hair is very dry and damaged, or color treated, and in need of extra hydration, choose a moisturizing conditioner. Argan oil, Macadamia nut oil, and other botanical extracts nourish and replenish moisture to dry, thirsty hair.

Add leave in conditioner as a regular part of your hair care routine

Leave in conditioners are used after washing, and before styling your hair. For extra nourishment, you can use your regular conditioner in the shower and use a leave-in conditioner afterward as well. They provide extra moisture, protect hair from damage, and help detangle. Every hair type can benefit from using leave in conditioners, especially dry and damaged hair as it provides additional moisture and protection. Leave-in can also be used as a refresher on non-wash days.

Regular haircuts are a must for healthy hair

Long, healthy hair doesn’t happen overnight, but if this is your goal, regular trims will save your hair from split ends and breakage. This will also improve hair growth, and your hair will be thicker and easier to manage. A recommended time to maintain a certain style would be 6 weeks if your hair grows at a normal rate of approximately half an inch every 4 weeks – this way one prevents the ends from splitting due to exposure to the elements, styling tools, and coloring. Turning hair from dry and damaged to shiny and healthy is not an easy process, and consistency is the key to success.  

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