Easy Way to Get Rid of Static in Hair

Static electricity can be really annoying, especially during the winter. Dryness of the air, wool sweaters and nylon hosiery all contribute to building up static in our body. This leads to experiencing static shocks when coming in touch with metal objects and dealing with static in hair on a daily basis.

Static hair condition can be prevented by avoiding certain clothing materials and using products that are known to be efficient against static electricity. However, even if you try too hard to follow this advice chances are you will still catch static in your hair, one way or another.

One easy tip to get rid of static in hair once it appears is using Phillip Adam ACV Conditioner. Sure, you will say, everyone recommends putting on extra conditioner or hair spray to calm down the flyaway hair. Well, yes, but this kind of tip is easier than that.

All you need to do is put one squirt of conditioner onto your hands, rub it gently over your hair once you finish with blow drying and see what happens. The ACV Conditioner will instantly calm down the frizzies and make your hair looking sleek and shiny. Another brilliant way to use Philip Adam Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner is for eliminating static from your legs and hosiery.

Again, just a drop of conditioner applied into your hands and over the hosiery or bare legs will control the static and save you from clinging dresses and skirts. Talking about multifunctionality!

For more info, watch the video below and see how Phillip Adam makes hair static disappear with the help of ACV Conditioner.