Our shampoos based on a refined Apple Cider Vinegar formula will help you give your hair the natural care it deserves. Gentle and nourishing, our ACV shampoos are suitable for fine to normal hair types including colored or virgin heads of hair. They add natural shine and help maintain a healthy pH balanced scalp. Family and pet friendly! Available in several different scents such as Green Apple, Verbena Sage, Orange Vanilla or Unscented as well as Peppermint found in our special Curly Hair Shampoo formula.


Formulated with all natural based ingredients our Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner will keep your hair healthy and well-nourished. Great for the whole family and everyday use, our conditioners gently condition and detangle, help with frizziness, maintain the pH balance and control static electricity to result in soft, shiny and healthy hair. They come in several different scents including Green Apple, Orange Vanilla, Verbena Sage, Unscented as well as the Minty scent found in our special Thirsty Hair Conditioner formula.

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