Best Styling Products for a Modern Pompadour Hairstyle

When it comes to men hairstyles, the days of simple, low maintenance haircuts are long gone. Flamboyant and daring, modern pompadour haircut took the male gender by storm. The millenial revival of pompadour hairstyle doesn’t comes as a surprise as it is known that hair trends, like fashion, are cyclical in nature. Although the hairstyle was named after Madame de Pompadour and was first worn by women only, the first man who really made it popular among male public was Elvis Presley back in the ’50.

Nowadays, pompadour can be seen on the streets, TV and social media with men of all ages rocking this slicked back hairstyle. Hipsters, dandies or just fashion-aware, these men invest time and resources in order to successfully pull off this look. To best speak about the influence of this new hair trend, is the re-emerging of barber shops. Think about the old, gentlemen’s only barber shops where men used to go to have their beard and hair trimmed while talking about business and politics. Today, it is pretty much the same, except modern pompadour and its style variations is the most sought after haircut in these places.

Best Products to Style a Modern Pompadour Haircut

Now, having a good barber to do your hair ‘pompadour style’ is important but what is more important is maintaining your hairstyle on a day-to-day basis. Using your conventional hair gel may not be the best choice in this situation. Hair gel is known for its hold, however it can weigh the hair down and often leave residues, especially noticeable on darker hair. As pompadour hairstyle draws immediate attention to your hair, these mistakes are intolerable.

Instead, best styling products to use for a modern pompadour hairstyle are those that give shine and structure like pomade and sculpting clay. To know which product to use, you first need to determine your hair type and the look you want to achieve. Hair pomade is adequate for short to medium hair length. It gives a sleek, shiny finish and it’s best to be applied on dry hair. Pomade is great for adding subtle volume to fine hair, however be careful not to over do it as your hair might get too greasy. You can apply pomade with your fingers or use a comb to slick it back or create side part.

Phillip Adam Pomade and Sculpting Clay

As the name implies, sculpting clay is a hair styling product that contains clay as the main ingredient. Most commonly used is bentonite clay that is known to have many beneficial effects on hair and scalp, aside from providing excellent hold. Sculpting clay is ideal for hairstyles that require a lot volume, such as pompadour. It provides thickness and structure throughout the day without weighing the hair down. It has more of a matte finish. In some cases, like with Phillip Adam pomade and sculpting clay, you can mix the two hair products to create a hair cocktail for a firmer hold and a more dramatic look.

No matter which product you choose for styling your pompadour always pay attention to the quality and ingredients it is made of. Hair trends come and go but what you ultimately want to be left with is a healthy head of hair that looks good all the time – styled or not.