How to Add Volume to Hair in Minutes

Achieving a voluminous hair is something most women struggle with on a daily basis. While some ladies are naturally endowed with thick hair and bouncy curls there are many of those who wish their hair have more volume instead of looking flat and weighed down all the time.

Luckily, there are still ways and styling techniques you can use to make your fine hair look more voluminous. Some of these techniques are more demanding and require more of your time, however using a good quality volumizing product is an effective way to boost your hair volume in minutes. One such styling product designed especially to treat fine and thin hair lacking natural
volume, is Phillip Adam Volumizer.

This volumizing spray contains Apple Cider Vinegar and Pea protein – two powerful ingredients in charge of hydration and pH balance of hair and scalp. Thanks to this unique formulation, Phillip Adam Volumizer gives the hair not only a noticeable volume but an enhanced shine as well.

Here is how to use Volumizer when blow drying your hair to add volume to hair instantly:

Step #1

Best way to start working on the hair volume is to apply Volumizer on towel dried hair, near the roots. Start from the front of the hair and work your way down. Make sure to hold the hair dryer from bottom up.

Step #2

Once you give a front a good lift, use clamps or bobby pins to divide it in sections, let it cool for a while, then proceed with the bottom. Make sure to always add a little Volumizer at a time as you don’t want to over-saturate the hair.

Step #3

Lastly, once you finish going through all of the hair sections, you can apply Volumizer as a finishing spray, as it also provides moderate hold. Be sure not to over blow dry your hair because you will ruin the Volumizer effects.

Regular use of Phillip Adam Volumizer will not only add fullness to your thin hair but also protect it from the heat of hair dryer. Powerful blend of all-natural ingredients hydrates and conditions the hair, provides thermal and UV protection making it look fuller, thicker, and healthier in minutes.

For more information of how the Volumizer actually works in practice, take a look at this video below.