How to Remove Styling Wax from Hair

Every self-conscious, modern man wants their hair to look well groomed and on point throughout the day. There are many hair styling products out there that can help you achieve the desired hairstyle such as hair pomade, clay or wax. Some men even like to combine several products for added shine and hold. The stronger the product, the better are chances that your hair won’t move, however getting the hair wax out of the hair can be problematic.

Phillip Adam styling products. pomade and sculpting clay, contain beeswax, bentonite clay and other natural ingredients that provide firmer hold so it is important to learn how to remove them efficiently, and more importantly, without pulling out the hair.

The secret to getting styling wax out of hair or any other similar product lies in Phillip Adam ACV shampoo and proper shampoo application. Known for its super cleaning powers, ACV shampoo can remove product build-up from hair quickly and efficiently. Instead of a usual shampooing method, trying doing it the reverse way. Sounds interesting?

Check out the video below with ACV hair care founder Phillip Adam explaining how to get wax out of hair in few easy steps.