How to Take Care of Hair After Swimming

The best way to cool down on a hot day is to go for a swim. While your body is feeling refreshed, by the end of the summer your hair can be dry and damaged. Make sure your hair has proper hair care before, during, and after your dip, and enjoy your summer swims. 

Always wash your hair after leaving a swimming pool

Chemicals in the pool can stay in your hair all day long if you don’t wash it out thoroughly. Chlorine sucks the natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry and damaged. Since there are chemicals in water, natural shampoo is the best choice. Changing the natural color of your hair, weakening each hair strand, and splitting ends can also be caused by a chemical reaction caused by chlorine. Immediately when you’re out of the pool, rinse your hair with clean water. Once you get home, wash your hair like you always do. Apple Cider Vinegar is known as an ingredient that effectively increases shine and removes buildup from your hair that may have been left behind by pool chemicals, that’s why we recommend Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo.

If you choose ocean or sea, use a moisturizing conditioner

This is a less harsh option for your hair. Sea water has different types of dirt and bacteria that aren’t harsh on your hair and won’t strip away natural oils in your hair. A highly moisturizing conditioner will be enough to save your hair and swim carefree. Also, make sure you wash your hair thoroughly after any swimming, we don’t know what can be in the deep blue ocean.

Go jump in the Lake!

A dip in a freshwater lake is probably the mildest on your hair and there is usually no need for shampooing or rinsing right away.

Always have a leave in conditioner by your side

Spray in a leave in conditioner – that way your hair will be hydrated, and protected from the sun. Phillip Adam leave in conditioners are made of all natural ingredients and can be used every day, even if you’re not in water areas, you can use it as a refresher on non-wash days.

summer beach hair care

No matter what your choice is, sea, ocean, pool, or lake, it’s crucial you do everything you can to keep your hair hydrated, clean, and free from chemicals. With these steps, your hair will be soft, and healthy all summer long.

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