How to Use Conditioner and Why It Is Important

We all dream of having shiny, smooth and beautiful hair, but without consistent and proper hair care regimen any hair type can experience problems like hair moisture loss, hair frizz and dull hair. Although there are numerous factors that contribute to these hair conditions, skipping the hair conditioner is one of the most common.

While shampoo is great for removing dirt and oil from the hair, the conditioning ingredients from the hair conditioner are what protect the hair leaving it smooth, soft and shiny looking.

The hair conditioner creates a film on the hair shaft, thereby closing and smoothing the cuticles.

This makes the hair more manageable and the comb can easily glide through it without causing any hair damage. The improved alignment of the hair fibers allows better light reflecting properties of the hair which results in a shinier appearance.

As hair conditioner closes the hair cuticles it also seals in the moisture in the hair fibers making hair better at withstanding certain not so healthy hair habits.

People often wonder if they should use conditioner everyday. If you’ve chosen the right conditioner for your hair and if you’re washing your hair everyday then the answer is yes. By adding a small amount of conditioner each time you shampoo you will protect your hair and prevent damage. Formulated with the right ingredients Phillip Adam Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner is an excellent daily conditioner for fine to normal hair and perfectly safe for the entire family. It gently detangles the hair, controls static electricity, maintains the pH balance, calms frizziness and creates smooth finish.

How to properly apply conditioner?

The regular hair conditioner is applied everytime you wash your hair, just after you’ve rinsed out the shampoo thoroughly. The amount of conditioner you need depends on the hair length and volume. For long hair you’ll often need a few extra squirts of hair conditioner.

Focus on the ends of your hair

Almost opposite of shampoo which is applied mainly to the roots, most of the hair conditioner should be applied towards the ends. Apply very little up at the top and then focus on the ends of your hair. To evenly spread the conditioner claw through your hair or use a comb or brush. By removing the tangles in the shower you will make the combing process later on much smoother and easier. Wait a minute or two and then rinse it out.

Rinsing out the conditioner

When rinsing the conditioner out, It is important to gauge how much you rinse. If your hair is fine you want to remove more of the conditioner. On the other hand if your hair is in need of an extra hydration you can then leave some. Both ways it is important to take away the conditioner from the scalp.

Spend the extra minute in shower, protect your hair and save some time on post-shower treatments or styling endeavours.