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Phillip Adam Bath Essentials Starter Pack

USD $70.29

Phillip Adam Hair and Skin Care Starter Pack is great for anyone looking to nourish hair and skin naturally. The collection provides you with all-natural based bath essentials that will gently cleanse, nourish, hydrate, soothe and protect your hair and skin. They are perfect for everyday use, safe for the whole family and smell great.

Phillip Adam Hair and Skin Care Essentials Starter Pack includes:

  • ACV Shampoo 355ml – gently cleanses and deeply nourishes your hair. The apple cider vinegar formula helps maintain a healthy pH balanced scalp, adds natural shine and smells like a green apple
  • ACV Conditioner 355ml – gently conditions and detangles, helps with frizziness, maintains the pH balance and controls static electricity
  • Coconut Body Wash 400ml – great hand and body wash that not only smells delicious, but it cleanses and moisturizes the skin leaving it feeling smooth and conditioned
  • Coconut Lotion 400ml – with excellent moisturizing and occluding properties for soft and protected skin that feels non-greasy

Fill your shower shelf with all-natural based products and save in the same time. This pampering set also makes great gift for your closest ones.