Family Hair & Skin Care Collection

USD $98.91

Phillip Adam Family Hair and Skin Care Collection contains all-natural bath products that are must have for every household. The collection consists of ACV hair duo and Original Coconut Wash in 1-litre size bottles. Pamper yourself and your loved ones with truly natural and harm-free personal products for daily use. Crafted with attention to each ingredient, our hair and skin products will cleanse and nourish your body from head to toe and on the long run.

Family Hair & Skin Care Collection includes:

  • ACV Shampoo 1 Litre – with our unique apple cider vinegar shampoo formula, you don’t have to worry about dry scalp or greasy hair. Gentle and purifying, the ACV shampoo is recommended for daily use on all types of hair including children. Best for last, it smells like green apple!
  • ACV Conditioner 1 Litre – for maximum smoothness and shine, use our apple cider vinegar conditioner as a finishing rinse. It will leave your hair feeling silky, calm flyaways and lock in the moisture in hair ends.
  • Original Coconut Wash 1 Litre – you can never get enough of our coconut wash for hand and body. Now available in one litre size, it will leave your skin feel and smell like sandy beaches all day.


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