Hair and Body Care Unscented Collection

USD $62.53

Phillip Adam Hair and Body Care Unscented Collection is perfect for people with fragrance sensitivity or anyone who prefers fragrance free products. The collection consists of an Unscented version of the popular Apple Cider Vinegar hair duo and Unscented body wash and lotion. Formulated with all natural ingredients this collection gently cleanses and cares for your body while leaving your hair and skin feeling fresh, nourished and hydrated.

Created with sensitive skin in mind this set of unscented hair and skin care products is safe for daily family use.

Hair and Body Care Unscented Collection includes:

  • Unscented Shampoo 355ml – mildly cleanses your hair leaving it shiny and squeaky clean. The apple cider vinegar formula adjusts the pH balance in your hair promoting healthy hair and scalp.
  • Unscented Conditioner 355ml – perfect complement to the fragrance-free shampoo the unscented version of the ACV conditioner gently detangles, controls static electricity and creates smooth finish, keeping your hair moisturised and nourished.
  • Unscented Body Wash 400ml – the unique blend of all natural ingredients makes Phillip Adam Unscented body wash excellent for daily family use. It gently cleanses the skin leaving it soft and refreshed.
  • Unscented Lotion 400ml – as an addition to the Unscented Body Wash, Phillip Adam Unscented lotion with quickly absorbing properties will round-up your skin care routine and leave your skin perfectly conditioned and moisturized.