Phillip Adam product bridges the gap between salon and health food store lines. People don’t have to apologize for secretly using a salon product any more. It is a healthy clean line that WORKS!

Anne Miles
Calgary, AB.

I was visiting Vancouver over the holidays and picked up two Travel Packs of four Phillip Adam products for a gift and for myself and to our delight, we were thrilled with the small sizes and decided to order the larger ones online. They arrived in 2 days. The apple cider vinegar shampoo is a big hit with our family, so now may end up ordering the litre sizes. The lotion and bodywash are terrific as well. We love them. All made right here in BC. Thank you!

Janet H.
Vancouver Island

I was in Wholefoods on Friday and was given samples of your shampoo and conditioner by Phillip. It was a coincidence since I have been trying many shampoo and conditioner products over the years but had reactions due to the sulphates that is used in most products and was looking to try something new. I used the samples today and was very happy with them. My hair felt clean and manageable – and still had body. I love them. Thank you

Christie S.
Vancouver BC

I picked up a sample of your Shampoo and Conditioner at Whole Foods, and I must say my fine fragile hair has never been so shiny and full of body! Thanks for making such great, reasonably priced products… I’m off to buy a full size right now!

Gina H.
Vancouver BC

I’ve been meaning to tell you that the apple cider vinegar shampoo is wonderful, practically edible, I love it! My skinny hair doesn’t suffer anything second rate, turns to dust if not handled like fairy fluff.

Darcia Friesen Hossack
Food columnist and author of Mennonites Don’t Dance

Your shampoo is great, great, great! I will use up the sample and then buy it again with conditioner and your shower gel. Love your product – I would say you can be definitely super confident about it! YAY Apple Cider Shampoo!

Verena S.
Vancouver BC.

I just wanted to let you know that I have now tried your shampoo and LOVE IT. I will definitely check out your other products now! Works great on very long hair but also works great on toddlers very fine hair – and they love the smell. Awesome product, thank you!

Vancouver BC

Seriously, Philip Adam’s products are stellar. The quality is incredible. I am very picky about the performance of the products I use, and these have greatly surpassed anything I have used before, from either salon or health food store. And equally important is the fact that they are made without harmful chemicals and ingredients, that they are safe for me, the people who make them, and our Earth which sustains us. Thank you SO much.

Kia R.
Krestova, BC

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