Phillip Adam About Hair: Top Hair Care and Styling Tips

We’ve all had “a bad hair day” once in a while. From frizzy hair to hair that has a mind of its own, hair styling can sometimes be a huge endeavour. With this in mind Phillip Adam shares tips on how to properly take care of hair and easily style it. With 50 years of hairdressing experience and salon ownership, he has so much to tell us. Here are the top tips we’ve selected for you that we know will help you fix those bad hair days easily.

Hair Care Tips

Many people wonder which amount of shampoo should be used for one wash and what is the best way to apply it?

Phillip: When using ACV shampoo, about an inch or 2 cm in diameter is enough. Little indentation in the palm. Apply it mainly to the roots, massage the scalp gently to lift the oils up, drag down to the ends, rinse with warm water and finish this rinse with cool water.

Hair Care Tips

Does the hair get used to the same shampoo formula over time?

Phillip: Yes and it is fine. Changing shampoo brands often is safe but not necessary.

How often should you wash your hair?

Phillip: It depends on how active your sebaceous glands are. Average heads of hair function well with washing every second day. If hair gets too oily overnight, daily washing is in order. People with very dry hair can shampoo less frequently. If hair is consistently left without washing for too long oils build up on the scalp and hair, aiding bacterias and creating an undesirable odour.

How often should you wash your hair

How to prevent hair from getting greasy too fast?

Phillip: Don’t brush or finger hair too often and do not use oily styling products.

How often do you need to get a haircut?

Phillip: Average head of hair grows about a centimetre each month, therefore most short cuts need trimming every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the style. Longer hair should be cut every 8 to 12 weeks to maintain shape and healthy ends.

What do you think about dry shampoos?

Phillip: They have their place but they leave a dull finish on the hair. In a pinch, you can do it but I don’t really like them. Maybe for travelling when you need that extra day of clean hair.

How to protect blonde/bleached hair from chlorine (before and after swimming)?

Phillip: Apply conditioner before, use ACV shampoo after swimming, removes chlorine nicely and then recondition.  Any type of hair but especially bleached. Using conditioner before swimming blocks the chlorine from penetrating.

How to brush your hair properly?

Phillip: To detangle start brushing from the ends and work upwards to the scalp.

How often should you blow dry your hair?

Phillip: Every day or second day is normal however use moderate heat. If hair is fine and fragile use a warm not hot setting on blow dryer.

How often should you blow dry your hair

How to apply conditioner to your hair?

Phillip: Most heads of hair only require conditioner on the bottom 2/3  or half of the shaft to aid the older hair. Apply your conditioner very little up at the top and then focus on the ends of your hair. To evenly spread the conditioner claw through your hair or use a comb or brush.

How to properly towel dry your hair?

Phillip: Blot rather than rub the hair, avoids further tangling.

What causes static electricity in your hair and how to prevent it?

Phillip: Dryness in the air from indoor heating. Most often a winter occurrence. Static electricity in hair can be controlled in the hair with conditioners either left in or applied post drying the hair and in addition using Volumizer.

Hair Styling Tips

How to style hair with sculpting clay?

Phillip: With top of fingernail scoop out the desired quantity of Clay. Heat up in hands till dissolved then apply to hair with forward motion and then reverse to backwards. Either comb or finger into place.

How to style hair

How to create 5 different looks with pomade?


  1. Lightly apply to short hair (women or men) to calm frizziness, and achieve mild hold.
  2. Clam flyaways on long hair.
  3. Achieve sheen on slicked back hair.
  4. Blend with Sculpting clay for a firmer hold (a hair cocktail).
  5. Create definition with curly hair.

How to add volume to hair?

Phillip: After shampooing, towel dry hair, apply Volumizer and blow dry lifting with the brush, repeat and reapply if needed.

How to add volume to hair

How to remove styling wax from your hair?

Phillip: Apply shampoo directly on dry hair and massage and lather through before wetting with water, then re-apply shampoo, lather and rinse again if needed.

How to prevent frizzy ends?

Phillip: On straighter hair, use PA Volumizer and blow dry and apply light coat od Pomade. On curlier hair avoid blow drying and apply pomade and sculpting clay cocktail and allow to dry naturally or with a diffuser.